HVAC professionals commonly hear questions about water leaking from furnaces. It’s true that your furnace shouldn’t leak water, but every leak doesn’t signal a serious problem. There are many causes for leaks, and they can often be remedied quickly and inexpensively.


If your furnace is leaking, the most likely reason is condensation, especially if you have a high efficiency furnace. Since they are designed to reduce energy consumption, high efficiency furnaces produce condensation that is supposed to channel into a floor drain. If you notice pooling water around the furnace, it could mean that the condensation tube is broken or clogged. If you have a standard furnace, then it shouldn’t produce condensation, but it can happen if the flue pipe isn’t the right size. This causes exhaust to cool and condense in the pipe before it is drained back into the furnace.

Furnace Humidifier

Your furnace’s internal humidifier could be another cause of the leak, but this diagnosis requires the expert eye of an HVAC professional. It’s your furnace is overdue for maintenance and it’s currently leaking, you should quickly make an appointment, as a leaky humidifier could lead to further damage in your furnace.


Secondary Heat Exchanger

Hopefully, your leak isn’t the result of a faulty secondary heat exchanger. It’s not a common problem, but water does sometimes leak from the furnace when this component fails. Unfortunately, it’s usually a sign that your furnace needs to be replace.

Keep in mind that simply locating the source of the leak isn’t enough. Your furnace isn’t meant to leak, so when it does, it should quickly be fixed. If you can’t fix the problem yourself then you should quickly make a call for help. If you’re looking for professional help to remedy a furnace leak in your Dallas area home, contact the experts at AJR Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, Inc today to schedule a free estimate.

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