As crisp air of fall gives way to the cold bite of winter, it’s important to make sure that your heating system will be up for the task of keeping your home nice and cozy all winter long. The last thing you want to do is to wait until the last second to test whether your furnace will work, or you could end up with a busted heating system in freezing weather with no way to get it fixed for days. It’s important to check out and test your heating system early, to make sure that it will be running reliably when the dead of winter arrives.

Do Some Basic Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is essential, so at the very least, you need to change the filter, to ensure that dust and debris don’t gum up your furnace’s inner workings. Once that’s done, turn the furnace up to a comfortable level and make sure that it’ll heat up the whole house. If you notice that your furnace is blowing cold air even after many minutes of running, call a heating and cooling specialist immediately to get it looked at.

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Watch for Warning Signs

When the furnace is running, take a listen for any unfamiliar noises, any hiccups in the blower, or any odd smells coming through the registers. Warning signs are often subtle, but they can give you the crucial warning you need to fix a problem before it becomes an expensive ordeal.

Do it Early

The biggest mistake most people make is waiting until the last second to test out their furnace for the winter. It’s understandable that you would not want to waste money running a heater that you don’t need, but it’s crucial that you diagnose any problems early, since the HVAC companies could be swamped with calls later in the season.

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