The job of your furnace is to provide your home with heated and cooled air as well as air that has been filtered and cleaned of outside contaminants. There are a few different ways that a broken furnace can affect the overall health of the air in your home and that can end up making your home less healthy than it can be.

The first risk factor is of course that your furnace may not be filtering the air properly if it is broken. In a normal furnace air is forced through a filter before it enters your home. If the furnace is working properly, it will help to remove the contaminants that are present and will deliver clean air into your home. If the furnace is not working properly there is a chance that the air will bypass the filter and not be clean when it enters your home.

Another risk factor is that a broken furnace may deposit silt and other particulates into your home from the interior of the furnace. Depending on where the issue is with your furnace, there may be particles that are part of the furnace that make it into the air when the furnace is on. These particles may be small and look like dust and they may be larger and pose an even bigger threat.

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You may also be experiencing air that is being forced through a broken system and therefore has silt and other deposits in it making it less than healthy to breathe. No matter how your broken filter is contaminating your home, you should work to have it repaired quickly so that you and your family can get back to having the clean air that a properly functioning system provides on a daily basis. These issues can be avoided, with regular maintenance of your furnace you can have a working system all the time.

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