Having regular inspections on your AC unit will not only ensure that it functions optimally but will also help you to cut down on your energy costs. Regular inspection and maintenance are also designed to prolong the working life of your unit. Most manufacturers recommend that AC units be inspected at least once every year. However, to avoid the inconvenience associated with a malfunctioning unit, it is advisable to have it inspected before both summer and winter seasons.

Who Should Do the Inspection ?

While there are a few things that homeowners can do on their own, it is always important to call a professional contractor to perform an HVAC inspection. With the expertise that they have, such contractors will be in a position to detect problems that may not be clear to the ordinary homeowner.

What Does an Inspection Entail ?

Apart from looking for any defects that are likely to undermine the performance of your AC unit, there are several other things that the professional will do. The tradesman will check the filter before making a decision on whether to clean or replace it. The inspection will also cover inspection of all the electrical connections, checking the thermostat, looking out for any leaks, checking for any visible damages on the outside of the unit and removing any dirt and debris.

How Often Should I Inspect My AC Unit

What to Do After an Inspection

Once the professional contractor has performed an inspection of your AC unit, they can either recommend that you carry out repairs or replace your AC unit. This will depend on the nature and extent of the detected problems. In case repairs need to be carried out, it is important that they are done in good time so as to avoid costly repairs when they become worse.

Professional Advice

Inspections can also give homeowners the opportunity to get professional advice from the contractors they hire. The contractor can guide a homeowner on how to take care of their appliance so that the unit serves them for a long time.

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