Approximately half of your energy used in your entire home is from your heating and cooling or HVAC system. Having a checkup before using the heat for the first time in the fall and the air in the summer can save you valuable money on the energy costs and extend the life of your system considerably.

Air Filters

Check and change your air filters monthly. An air filter that is clogged with debris or dust makes your system work much harder and puts stress on it. Clean filters also improve the operating efficiency of an HVAC unit. Regularly changing your filters also makes certain that the air quality in your home is the best it can be by eliminating contagions, mold, and mildew that can lead to your family falling ill.

Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat helps to improve the life of your heating and cooling system. It allows smarter operation while families are away from home to save on energy usage and allow the system a break. You can program it to provide more heat or cool air shortly before you return home to keep your home comfortable while you are in it.

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Air Ducts

All of the air ducts need to be sealed in order to keep cooled or heated air flowing inside your home instead of leaking outdoors. Holes or breaks in duct work, makes an HVAC system work harder to maintain the temperature on your thermostat and leads to excessive use of the components.

Blocked Vents

Make certain not to cover any air vents with furniture, draperies or items to block the flow of air. Blocked or dirty vents make a system work harder.

System Tune Up

It is best to schedule a tune-up by a professional to inspect your entire system twice yearly including all the electrical and mechanical components to ensure a long lasting HVAC system.

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