5 Energy Bill Saving Tips

Everyone likes to save energy costs on their electric bills, although many people do not realize that some very small changes in your home can add up to sizeable savings and therefore more money in your pocket.

Sealing up Your Home

Air drafts at any time of the year can waste valuable energy while trying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Visually inspect any areas on the exterior of your house where two different building materials meet each other. These are the areas that are more likely to leak, such as:

1) All exterior corners of a house
2) Exterior water faucets
3) Around the chimney or fireplace
4) Areas where the siding material or brick meet the foundation

Inside areas to check are:

1) Switch plates
2) Door and window frames
3) Electrical outlets
4) Baseboards
5) Doors
6) Fireplace dampers
7) Attic doors
8) Air conditioner units in walls or windows
9) TV and phone lines
10) Dryer vents
11) All vents and fans

If you see any light around any of these areas, seal it with caulk or weather stripping to avoid drafts.

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Energy Star products

Choose Energy Star products for your home when you are replacing items. These objects are shown to be energy efficient and save you money each month on your costs. Some of the products available are compact fluorescent bulbs, table lamps, light fixtures and programmable thermostats that turn the heat or air up or down automatically according to your schedule.

Ceiling Fans

The use of a ceiling fan in a room can allow you to have the same level of comfort in cooling but enable you to turn the thermostat up in the summer to save electricity. For each degree that a thermostat is set above 72 degrees, you will save one to three percent of your monthly cooling bill in the summer.

Appliance Usage

Use full loads of laundry in your washing machine. A full load takes the same amount of time and electricity as a smaller load. Use cold water in the rinse cycle and if possible for washing clothing. This practice saves four percent of your monthly energy bill. Use the dryer with full loads and on the moisture setting so it senses when the clothing is dry and automatically shuts off. Only use the dishwasher when it is fully loaded and turn the dry cycle to air dry instead of heat dry to save energy.

Reduce Wasted Energy

Turn off lights, appliances and fans when you leave a room to save energy. This can save two percent of your energy bill monthly. Unplug all electronics, computers, and chargers when you aren’t using them. All of these items actually use some electricity when turned off. Turn off the power strip that you plug computers and printers in. If you have an extra refrigerator in the garage that is rarely in use, it will save energy to unplug it and recycle it.

Following these energy saving tips can help lower your monthly bills and will add up quickly over time. For professional heating and cooling services, Contact AJR today!

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What Is a Heat Pump?

What Is It?

A heat pump is a form of technology using electricity to absorb heat from one area, then transfer it to another. This form of heating is commonly known to heating contractors and has been used for decades in North America and around the world.

How Does It Work?

Heat pumps transmit heat by using centrifugal force on a substance called a refrigerant. This refrigerant is processed and circulated via condensation and evaporation. A compressor pushes the refrigerant through two heat exchanger coils. One coil evaporates the refrigerant at a minimum of pressure extracting heat from the outside. The other coil compresses the refrigerant that has been pumped into it from the first coil where it becomes compressed at maximum pressure. During this transition, the heat which was absorbed is now transmitted from it.

What Are Examples?

Air conditioners and refrigerators are common examples of heat pump controlled cooling methods. A refrigerator contains its own heat pump with the evaporator coil being located in the freezer section. Heat is extracted from this area and pushed outside from the condenser coil located below or behind the unit. Air conditioners work the same way forcing heat outside of the home.

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Heat pumps are highly versatile in that the system works both ways. It can be used for heating and cooling purposes as the weather demands. Regardless of the temperature outside a heat pump can always keep the home warm as both cool and warm air are constantly present in all weather types.

Air-source heat pumps rely on air as its source of heating and cooling, absorbing heat from outdoors in winter and forcing heat from indoors in summer. This was the most commonly used kind of heat pump. The most popular make is the ground source – geothermal – heat pump which uses ground water or ground heat in its cycle.

AT AJR Inc., We offer a complete line of high-efficiency heat pumps at affordable prices—all with convenient financing options. We’ll help you choose the right heat pump for your home so that you can experience ideal comfort and perfect heat distribution. Contact us today at (817)550-5066, our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have, and a free estimate!

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3 Creative Ways to Spend Less Money on Cooling Costs This Summer

As the summer heat rises and the sweat starts dripping from your forehead, you might just be thinking of turning up the AC. But the minute you turn up that air conditioner, your bank account depletes. Yes, it does feel so much better when the air conditioning is blasting, but here are a few other ways you can stay cool at a much cheaper cost.

1) Maintain or Replace AC Air conditioning is just like any other type of technology. Once it ages, it slows down and will not work effectively, which will then increase costs. You will want to change your filter often because dirtier the filter, the harder your AC works and the more expensive it becomes. The clean filter will also provide better air movement. Now, if your AC is getting near retirement, you will want to purchase a new unit because it could cut your energy costs in half. When searching for a new unit, look for higher EER ratings because it means the more efficient air conditioner. However, be cautious about the size of the air condition unit. To save the most money, you will need to buy a unit that that is the right size for your space.

How Does an Air Conditioner Produce Cool Air

2) Jump in the Shower Right when you find yourself at turning down that thermostat, stop yourself and hop into the shower instead. You will realize that even just spraying some water on yourself or placing a cool cloth on your neck will make you feel much cooler. Your body temperature will actually decrease and you will realize you do not really need to turn up the AC.

3) Spend Time in the Basement Since heat rises, the basement is probably the coldest part of your home. You might as well spend some extra time in the basement whenever you are at home. Just make sure not to open any windows if it’s humid outside because the warm air will cause condensation on the basement walls, which will then cause your entire house to be humid. And if the entire house becomes humid, then chilling in your basement will have been a complete fail.

Following these few tips will not only help you save money, but it will also conserve energy and keep you cool all summer long. If you realized you need maintenance or would like to replace your AC, then give AJR Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration a call today at (817) 550-5066!

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Why Are Tankless Water Heaters Better?

Do you like saving money? I think it would be difficult to find someone who answered ‘no’ to that question. Well, when it comes to water heaters, the tankless models, although a slightly larger initial investment, can save you a fortune on energy costs, in addition to providing a number of other benefits.

Here are just a few of the reasons a tankless water is the better choice for your home:

Saving Space

Every bit of space in a home can make a huge difference. One of the great advantages of a tankless water heater is that they are typically half the size of traditional models. With a tankless water heater, you don’t let a giant, ugly tank take up precious space in your home any longer.

The ‘Green’ Choice

With the environment in ever increasing peril due to the growing over-consumption of energy and resources, consumers are starting to make smarter choices to reduce their impact on the environment. Switching to a tankless water heater will lower your energy consumption, saving you money and helping you do your part in the ‘green revolution.’

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Longer Lasting

Did you know that tankless water heaters last up to twice as long as traditional water heaters? While a typical water heater might last 10 to 13 years at the most, a tankless water heater’s lifespan can last you 20 years or more. Additionally, tankless water heaters are more reliable and can save you money on future repairs and maintenance.

Money Savings

Traditional water heaters are constantly heating water reserves while waiting for you run hot water. With a tankless water heater, you get hot water instantaneously and only consume energy when you’re running the tank, which means a significant reduction in energy costsfor you.

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How to Locate the Best Heating Contractors in Fort Worth, TX

Finding a skilled heating contractor isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and unless you have a lot of experience, it can be difficult to know what to look for in a contractor. While it’s important to save money when you can, you don’t want to jump at first offer that sounds cheap. Often, cheaper contractors will not perform quality work and will end up costing you more if you have to hire another contractor to complete the job correctly. Keep this and the following suggestions in mind as you begin your search.

An honest heating contractor will do whatever it requires in order to get the job done correctly and within the specified time period. It is the mark of a reasonable contractor to deliver on time with great results. Giving your heating repair contractor enough time to finish the job can help guarantee quality work.

If you’re unsure about the quality of a contractor’s work, try contacting previous customers to see if they would use their services again. Also, make certain that you request financial references, concerning his or her suppliers. Inquire about the overall quality of the contractor’s materials in addition to the likelihood that the supplier would hire the heating service provider for a project of their own. You should also ask your heating contractor to disclose the types of products he uses.

Also, keep in mind that there are different building codes and regulations for each municipality. It’s essential that your heating contractor is conscious of the codes and regulations in the city where you live. A contractor’s knowledge of the rules and regulations may help the project move along smoothly.

Best Heating Replacements in Ft Worth

Finally, after you choose a contractor, it’s essential to understand everything in the contract prior to signing. If you do not study the fine print, you can wind up dealing with an extremely expensive issue later. Discuss anything you do not understand beforehand. You might also need to consult with a lawyer if there are legal terms you’re unsure of.

Fortunately, if you live in the Fort Worth area, it’s easy to find a trusted and experienced contractor to complete any heating project for your home or business. Contact AJR Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration today for a free estimate!

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How to Find the Best Heating Service in Dallas

Hiring a heating contractor is something most us have to do at least once. To finish your project successfully, it’s vital to hire the best contractor possible. Follow these steps for an easy solution to locating a trustworthy heating repair contractor.

Tell the local heating contractor what you expect from them, and ensure they understand your vision. To avoid overtime, you’ll want to set clear starting and ending times for your project. Be sure to include the specific dates and project expectations in your written agreement.

Every city has unique building codes and regulations that should be observed. It is very important that any heating contractor you hire knows them well. Things can get done in a timely manner with a licensed contractor who is up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations. Ask about various situations to test the heating repair contractor’s knowledge of the codes and regulations.

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Your heating service provider should provide you an accurate estimate for your project. Once they know what the job entails, they should have no trouble giving you a good estimate. Attempt to have your estimate confirmed in writing within 24 hours, letting the local heating contractor know it can be done by e-mail or fax. Once a project is surveyed, a guess on price isn’t acceptable.

You and your local heating contractor need to work as a team as soon as the project contract is signed. Be an informed consumer; prior to signing an agreement, go over it meticulously and ask questions about anything that isn’t completely clear. Additionally, your local contractor should never ask for more than fifty percent of the total as an initial payment. It’s also advisable to finalize the legal agreement at the worksite so you can see the heating repair contractor’s business operations.

For an honest, reliable heating repair, maintenance and installation contractor with a reputation for quality service, hire the experts at AJR Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, Inc. Contact us today and get your furnace tune-up for only $69.95!

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