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In Texas, the weather can change a lot, and that means the temperature can go up and down in the blink of an eye. You never know when you’ll need to use your heater, so it’s important to make sure your gas or electric furnace is working well.

AJR is a trusted company in Weatherford that has developed a reputation locally for being the best company in the area at fixing complex issues with heaters. We have the most advanced heating repair services, and we’re here to help when your heater can’t keep your home warm or stops working.

If your electric or gas furnace is giving you trouble, get in touch with AJR. We’re a top-rated heating and furnace company in Weatherford and Fort Worth.

Contact us at (817) 550-5066 to request your Furnace Repair today.

Signs You Need a Weatherford Furnace Repair Service

If your furnace is having a hard time keeping your home warm or it has completely stopped working, it might be too late for regular maintenance to fix it. If you see any of these warning signs that your furnace is having problems, get in touch with us to schedule furnace repair in Weatherford & Fort Worth:

  1. Your energy bills are going up.
  2. Some parts of your home are warm while others are still cold.
  3. You hear strange noises coming from your furnace.
  4. Cold air is coming out of your vents.
  5. Your furnace keeps turning on and off.
  6. The pilot light is out.

You can call AJR at (817) 550-5066 for furnace repair in the Weatherford area!

Gas Furnace Repairs

Gas furnaces are known for their reliability and can last up to 20 years if you give them yearly maintenance. Thanks to new technology, they’re also really safe and use energy efficiently.

Since gas furnaces use fuel, it’s important to take good care of them and keep them clean. One of the usual issues with gas furnaces is the pilot light. If it’s a dim yellow color or it won’t light up at all, it’s a sign you should call our furnace company in Weatherford for repair help.

Electric Furnace Repair

If you’re not a fan of using fuel to warm up your Texas home, electric furnaces are a good option. But keep in mind that they can be more expensive to run compared to gas furnaces. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you don’t lose heat through leaky ducts and to have your system checked regularly to make sure it’s working efficiently.

Some common issues with electric furnaces include dirty filters and not enough lubrication on the blowers and motors. If your electric furnace isn’t working right, it’s a good idea to call a Weatherford HVAC contractor for heater repair before your heating costs start to rise.

Common Furnace Problems We Solve

When your furnace is having issues, it will often give you clear warning signs. Recognizing these signs can help you know when to reach out to our local furnace company in Weatherford, which can make a big difference in getting a quick and affordable solution, as opposed to expensive repairs and more problems later!

Here are some common warning signs that indicate you might need furnace repair service for your home in the Fort Worth area:

  1. Rising energy bills: If your energy costs are going up, even though you’re not using more heat, your furnace may be working extra hard to keep your Weatherford home warm. It’s a good idea to call a local heating contractor to check it out right away. Waiting too long could lead to the need for a full furnace replacement instead of just some repairs.

  2. Cold spots in your home: If one room feels hot while another is chilly, it’s a sign that your ducts might need inspection. This is often caused by airflow problems, and the best solution is to have a local Weatherford heating contractor take a look.

  3. Strange noises from vents or furnace: While it’s not unusual for critters to find their way into a home’s ducts in Weatherford, if there are no animals involved, the issue is likely with your furnace. It’s normal to hear a low humming sound from your furnace, but loud bangs, hissing, or groaning noises are signs that something is amiss.

  4. Cold air from vents: If your furnace isn’t producing any heat, it could be due to problems with your thermostat, heat exchanger, or the furnace itself. First, check your thermostat, and if the issue persists, call a local Weatherford heating contractor right away.

  5. Short-cycling: If your system is frequently turning on and off in short cycles, it’s often related to airflow problems and can have various causes, such as an oversized furnace or undersized ducts.

  6. Continuous blower fan operation: If you’ve confirmed that your thermostat is set to AUTO and not ON, but the blower fan keeps running, you should contact a heating contractor to investigate and resolve the issue.

  7. No pilot light: If the pilot light is out, it needs to be relit. If you’re unsure how to do it or don’t feel comfortable, it’s best to call a Weatherford heating contractor, like AJR, to work on your furnace’s igniter.

Give us a call at (817) 550-5066 to schedule a furnace repair service in Weatherford today!

Get 24/7 Emergency Repair From A Trusted Weatherford Furnace Company: Contact AJR

You don’t have to tackle furnace problems on your own! Just reach out to AJR, and our heating contractors in Fort Worth will be ready to assist you.

We care about homeowners in Weatherford and Fort Worth, and that’s why we’re experts in Carrier furnace repair. When the weather gets warmer, we also provide AC repair services.

Whenever you require furnace repairs in the Greater Weatherford area, including Fort Worth, remember to call AJR’s top-rated heating contractors.

And be sure to take a look at our specials to make the most of your next HVAC service and get great value!

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Alison CampbellAlison Campbell
18:36 03 Jun 23
I had a great experience with AJR company. I was very impressed with the owner, he was a very straight forward guy and very respectful. I couldn’t have asked for better service. He gave me options that I could work with and was honest. I will be recommending them to friends and family.
Nengi DavidNengi David
13:01 24 May 23
AJR and team are true professionals. They came on time and were meticulous with their installation. Even though they had a couple staff members call in sick that day, powered through without complaint, completing the job within a very long 13.5hr long day. I highly recommend their services.
Rylee RowlandRylee Rowland
21:50 03 Dec 22
I had my air conditioning and heating replaced today. AJR team did an exceptional job. These guys are very knowledgeable about what they are doing, and they explained the process to me. They were also very clean and polite and time efficient… I highly recommend AJR Heating Air Conditioning Refrigeration, Inc.
Zachary GreenZachary Green
21:48 03 Dec 22
My experience has been great. From the moment I contacted them in need of a new AC unit they have provided a great and outstanding service. They were very punctual, hard workers, communicative, and in all reality they did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to them my New AC is up and running extremely grateful.
Archie NewmanArchie Newman
08:13 16 Nov 22
Had a fantastic experience with AJR services. Just bought a house and during the inspection a flue duct was separated and needed to be reattached and the fans were constantly running. They helped me out and provided great service. Happy Customer. Will use again their service in future.